A Mama's Manifesto

A Mama's Manifesto

A Promise for the Small

I will make your pancakes into shapes
I will read you the good books. As many times as you ask me to.
I will teach you to see that the world is a beautiful place, and the value of wonder, and of being undone.
I will teach you the difference between what is important, and what is merely urgent.
When things get bad, we’ll put on something happy and dance around the living room.
I won’t let you give less than your best.
I won’t tell you to ‘leave that rock alone and hurry up!’ when we’re in a hurry. If we’re 4 minutes late to school, so be it. 
I will teach you to forgive, quickly and completely.
I will buy you microscopes and oil pastels and charts of the stars. Sorry about the Barbies and all the hand-held games, but no.
I won’t let you grow up believing you’re the center of the universe.
I will teach you how to learn, and how to want to learn. 
I will help you to find ways to be kind, to be useful, and to be attentive to the fragile, fleeting moments of these our days. 
I will take you for rainy walks and insist on our jumping in every puddle.
I will teach you to treat others with respect, and to see through the eyes of the world.
I will teach you what love is. And what it is not. 
I will show you how to be big... immense. Sky-splitting and ear-splitting, and soul-splitting; and yet to love the small and wonderful things. 
I will cuddle under the blankets with you at night and read  stories by flashlight.
I will teach you to hope through despair, to joy through the rough patches, and to hold on to peace with all diligence as the wars rage.
I will show you how big the world is, and how small.
I will do all the regular things – wash your clothes, make your dinner, lace up your new shoes; and then at the right time, I’ll hand them back to you.
I will tell you the truth. Every time.
I will teach you to be both fearless and wise.
I will pray for you, with you, and behind your back.
I will teach you to make something unbelievable out of whatever is at hand.
I will sit in your room when you’re six and keep the Thing In The Closet at bay. 
I will remember that I am a person, separate and unique, and I will continue to learn and grow and become, so that we'll have lives full of things to talk about when we're old. 
I will sing you songs, and plant them in your heart, so you’ll have something to hold on to when things go dark.
I will make home the place you love best.
I will teach you responsibility by giving you things you can handle, and expecting you to shine.
I will show you how to let gratitude live in your heart, that there may be no place for bitterness and contempt.
I will keep my word.
I will teach you that the best defense against the demons of self pity and depression and narrow thinking, is helping someone else. 
I will be your go-to girl, your new idea, your wailing wall, your secret-keeper.
I will watch the skies with you, I will dream with you, I will laugh and laugh and laugh with you, I will be pierced through, and sorrow with you, and then lift you out again.
I will understand.
I will push.
I will not give up. Ever.
And, like it or not, child of my heart, I will be your mama ‘till the day you die. Pinky promise. 

(just in case i start to forget...)

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Chris said...

Sometimes it takes being a grandmother to really appreciate what it is important in life. Being a Grandma gives us a chance to apologize for our shortcomings as mothers. Thank you!
Jenny's friend

jannarden@mac.com said...

how wonderful was that? thanks for the words of wisdom and wonder and love.

jann arden