Friday, July 23, 2010

the suitcase lift

when max was born and owen was only 14 months and barely walking, it became all-important for me to invent some way to pick up owen while still carrying baby max. a one-handed carry. thus, from necessity, was born the suitcase lift. 

its an easy move, and one i (with another baby / toddler pair) use just about every day.   

Here's how it goes:
Step one: Bend down, dangling your arm in front of a standing child.

Step two: Grip the child's leg, just above the knee.

Step three: Have the child hold tightly to your arm, hugging it just above the elbow.

Step four: Lift. you should be holding the child in the same way you would hold a suitcase, having picked him or her up using just one hand!

this lift is great for getting toddlers in and out of cars, up and down stairs, over big puddles... plus, good for the biceps. oo-rah.

so, there it is, folks. the suitcase lift. use wisely.
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Boscoette said...

Great use of your twirling skills, your balance beam skills, your understanding of the human anatomy, your communication through illustrations and computer drawing have discovered a secret very few women have learned AGAIN!!