Monday, July 26, 2010

when baby-crazy becomes certifiable

we all know that having a baby is a big deal. it changes your life in so many ways, and babies - while small and innocent looking - come with a LOT of accoutrements. i was always mildly mystified to find that the smaller the baby, the larger the car needed to hold all of his or her necessities. to say nothing of the baby bag. 

what i have here for you though, defies all common sense. the products featured here are beyond ridiculous. (i think the placenta teddy bear may be the most horrifying thing ive ever seen in my entire LIFE!) and for a good laugh at how crazy the baby industry has grown, check out this link:

 and if you ever catch yourself feeling like your life would be SO much easier if you only had ______ (fill in the blank) and who hasn't felt like that, honestly? just remember women raised babies for thousands of years without the benefit of disposable diapers, wipes, cribs with light and music mobiles, or even the automated time-out pad (see above link). 

i remember (funny, the things that stick in your memory) visiting mount vernon, and the tour guide telling us that George Washington's favorite toy as a child was a string with a few buttons on it. (they even had the alleged button/string marvel there!) your child's greatest plaything will always be YOU. plus, it seemed to work out alright in the end for George.

lets try to focus on the important things, and let the battery operated nasal aspirator and baby's first high heels (and even the latest baby einstein DVD, or animated baby gym, or super deluxe extra groovy stroller) go ahead and pass us by. 

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