Monday, January 17, 2011

Make a Mix cooking

i'm aware i have a bundle of catching up to do. it has been a ridiculously busy winter here. Kids being home all day over Christmas break always sends my schedule into convulsions. not to mention, our dog had puppies (post ensuing), and my older son moved back in (yay!), although only temporarily... along with all the usual holiday chaos, and winter preparations necessary for living in the mountains. 
Wanted to share with you all about this AMAZING BOOK my mom sent me a few years ago. It's called Make a Mix, and it's a method of cooking that (when i have the foresight to use it) saves me a HUGE amount of time and $$ at the grocery store.  

(Here's the link:
the basic idea (and one i'm sure you've heard about) is to (shockingly :) make your own mixes and then use them in the many yummy recipes that make up the second part of the book. i love this idea for many reasons: 
1.  i can substitute my own healthier ingredients for any that i'm not so excited about (though i haven't had to make as many modifications as i had thought). 
2. my food is all GMO and preservative and artificial-stuff free, which makes a huge difference when dealing with multiple kids with ADHD.
3. it saves a LOT of $$.
and 4. if you take a half a day  each week and make all the mixes, the rest of your meals for the week are super quick!

these are some of the cinnamon rolls we made this morning from one of my favorite mixes in the book (hot roll mix, page 17!). The kids LOVED them and were able to help with the kneading, rolling out, and sprinkling on of all the yummies. 

Thanks for the book, mom! 

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