Tuesday, January 18, 2011


as a busy mom, i can't even begin to approximate the number of times i have wished for more hands. one to fold laundry, one to turn the page on my book, one to clean up the spill, one to scoop up the baby in the nick of time... etc. 

 so i was repeating this wish to annika the other day as we were out on a hike through the woods. she had collected so many interesting things that even with my two hands and hers, working together, it still wasn't enough.

i told her, 'well, that settles it, i'm just going to have to get a few more arms.' 
she thought about this for a moment, and said, 'i think that could be a problem.'
'yeah,' i agree, 'i guess my shirts wouldn't fit so well.'

 and she responded, 'oh, the shirts would be ok, but you'd have to get a lot more bracelets!'

well... ok! 

how 'bout one of these from Up in Annie's Room

 So cool!!

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