Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Belated V-day love

here's hoping everyone had a lovely Vday yesterday. 

life has been busy busy as usual, but we made some time last night to have a special dinner (with candles. the kids have decided that no special affair is complete without candles.) and to revel in the chocolate-y-ness of the holiday without sending us all into a diabetic coma. :) always nice when we can avoid those things.

here are some things i've been working on of late:

These happy hearts, adapted from this cute pattern from the lovely Bella Dia 

also working on a blanket for Annika which is an adaptation of this cute patchy throw from Dottie Angel

pics of the work in progress ensuing. 

warning, however. progress on the blanket may be slower than anticipated due to extreme studying for the GRE subject test. this thing is going to be BRUTAL!! 

and with that, one more cup of tea, a few more pages of studying, and i'm off to bed. 
sweet drems, all!

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