Wednesday, February 16, 2011

20 good foods that are great for your skin

saw this link the other day from the beautiful blog of aurajoon. (seriously, if you haven't seen her... go there now!) 

someone had asked her about her skin routine, (she does have amazing skin) and she wrote that she eats THESE foods. 

i've become convinced recently of the importance of being careful about what we put into our bodies, and how much what we eat affects all aspects of our lives. this is especially true when you have kids who struggle with ADHD. - more about this to come, as i become more informed. - plus, for busy moms who are on a budget and have neither the time nor the cash for regular spa treatments, it's great to know that something as easy as eating better can get you the same (if not better) results. 

so... check it out and (like me), realize how much you need to revamp your diet (or maybe you're doing great! keep it up!). 

... off to make some green tea... 


grace2be said...

yes. love this.

clicked over here from aura's site~
your blog name intrigued me! :)



quiverfull said...

thanks so much! im just kind of making my way into the bloggerverse, but having fun!

blessings back,