Friday, February 25, 2011


AHHH! i am officially freaking out... but only a little.  
i've been working on projects right and left, and i still have a lot of unfinished items yet to come, but ... there's nothing wrong with starting out small, right? ... right? :)

thus, without further ado, i give you... 

hey, moony is now officially open for business with a whopping SEVEN items for sale! woo hoo!

any of the products can be customized to a specific color, size or yarn. 

here is a quick peek at some of the listed items: 

cute flower headband/earwarmer

awesome super slouch beanie:

pretty heart garland:

happy hearts: 

upcycled plastic bread bag tote:

tiny bag with big flower :) 

Super excited (also, nervous and a little anxious) !! 

visit the shop, and then leave a comment. any words of wisdom, tips, and/or prayers would be appreciated to no end. 

<3 y'all!

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1 comment:

Frances via il*mostro said...

Awesome! I just opened my shop a few days ago too so I know your jitters and excitement!! Im not usually a big fan of the color red, but its perfect on the flower headband/earwarmer, i love it! Congrats and I wish you much success in ur shop!!