Thursday, February 17, 2011

getting you through

we've had a bout of sickness lately that we just can't seem to shake. as of last night the count was: 2 stomach ache/nausea/headaches, 1 ear ache-y toddler (who only wants to cuddle, and - oddly - to go outside and swing! swing!), 1 fever, and 1 sprained ankle. which is enough to drive any mom to distraction. 
thankfully, though, i have a few happy things in my parent survival kit.

first, along with the perpetual pot of tea, there is THIS

that's right. it says Godiva. and Chocolate. and Truffle. and Coffee. all on the same bag. it is divinity. and then, i recently discovered the loveliness that is this juice.

blueberry pomegranate. yummy! 
along with some dried apricots, and, as an extra special, late-at-night-when-the-kids-are-finally-asleep treat, THIS insanely decadent treat.

ah, what are the stresses of kids who hate thermometers, and endless readings of 'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie' and 'The Opposites Book', or the boredom of the 23rd game of Chutes and Ladders when you have such delicious companions! 
alright, so they're probably not the healthiest options, but given the circumstances, don't judge. 

besides, it's not all about food. this came yesterday

yep. that's a ... slightly used (read: pretty thrashed but still readable) Norton Anthology of English Literature. woo hoo!! yes, yes. book nerd status: confirmed. it's for the studying... if that mitigates it at all. ... probably not. but its a nice snuggly thing to wrap your mind in, and here is a sneak peek at the blanket in progress, which, incidently, is also a nice snuggly thing to wrap yourself in. 

so... a great big thank you to all of my coping devices. what are some of yours? 

 a good day to you all, and here's to a jolly day, regardless of circumstances. 

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