Saturday, February 26, 2011

deep sea diving in the living room!

what's the greatest thing to do in the mountains in a snowstorm? 
why, deep sea diving, of course!

now, i'm painfully aware that i am a terrible photographer, and that this has been done before, many times, and by far greater talents than i (for example, HERE), but the kids had a great time, and it made for a fun friday family night.

so - swallowing pride and my embarrassment at the quality of these pics (and the fact that the blue sheet is actually our painting dropcloth, and terribly stained and drawn-upon) - here's the film.

we went a little crazy on picnik with the sticker feature. :)

and the snow fell outside (almost two feet since last night!) in fat, fluffy flakes, and everyone 'swam' around the house in their bathing suits and goggles, while drinking cocoa with whipped cream, and we had on some happy music, and managed to have a great family night with a minimal amount of fighting and squabbling, and no TV. something which makes this mom super happy. :)

and now, naturally, the gang wants to do a knights and princesses photo shoot, as well as one involving flying carpets.... so there may be more of these in the future. 

till then, have an amazing weekend, find the fun, and do something you (and your kids!) won't soon forget. 


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Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a fun way to spend time as a family :)

Thank you for linking up to We Play this week.

quiverfull said...

thank you so much for hosting it! i'm new to the blog thing, and i've already met some wonderful people and got a ton of great ideas through your site.

Narelle said...

Looks like you all had a fun time :)