Monday, February 21, 2011

kids rooms: the treehouse! and a swing!

saw THIS post recently from the slow life, and it got me all excited. treehouses are pretty much the epitome of awesome, and having one IN YOUR ROOM would make any kid (and not a few parents, too) go loopy with joy. 

kids rooms are so fun and happy, - as childhood in general ought to be. 

can't you just imagine being all cuddled up in quilts in there, with a book and a flashlight? or having sleepovers? or putting on a little puppet show out that window?

i especially love that they made this particular bit of perfection themselves. i'm not quite that handy, but, for those who are, what a great family project!! 

while i might not be craftsman enough to build an entire indoor treehouse, i've always been enamored of the idea of having a swing inside the house. 
THIS  tutorial from the lovely apartment therapy  that doesn't look too out-of-my-league in terms of tools and carpentry.

resolved: hang a swing in some unlikely place. : )

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