Sunday, February 27, 2011

snowed in + 30 days of lists + this week's arts and crafts collection

we've had some serious snow this weekend, and are stuck inside. :( 
which means no church for us this morning. :(
so we did a little devotion and now the kiddos are curled up on the couch reading books and discussing their merits. :) 

which is a perfect time for me to jump over here and tell you about 30 Days of Lists! i know we're doing the reading thing for march, but who says we can't do both? 
we are nothing if not multitaskerific. :)

so, the deal is that you get a new prompt each day for 30 days starting march 1st, and you take it from there.
pretty simple. 
and how fun to see everyone's different takes on the prompts.
and who doesn't love a good list??

so if you want to participate, or just check it out, head over to 
30 Days of Lists (which, incidentally is run by three lovely bloggers, 
kam of campfire chicamy of lemon and raspberry, and justine of a new beginning), and sign up for one of the giveaways, or get yourself inspired to join in the listy fun.

and, because it's the end of the week, here are a few great art ideas from around the webs. try one out and share!

1. tire track painting at tonyastaab

i can see my kids going nuts with this one. :)

2. THIS amazing table cover playhouse complete with door that opens, mailbox, windows and landscaping, from mama crafts

i mean... look at that thing. it is AWESOME!

if only i wasn't a ghastly seamstress... alas.

3. and THESE  recycled treasure beaded hangy things from sun hats & wellie boots 

this one is on our list (lists lists lists!!!) of things to do 'for sure'! 


Marcilla said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my table play house.(It really isn't that hard to make. Use a bunch of pins and and then it's just a few basic seams.)
I adore your tagline. With 7 kids (I'm in awe) I'd think you have to embrace the hullabaloo or you'd be lost!

quiverfull said...

too true. and it's actually something i've come to enjoy. hard as that may be to believe.
regarding sewing, my mom was a fabulous seamstress, so i think i may have gotten intimidated early on. i have a new machine coming soon, though, so i might just put on a brave face and try this out. :)