Saturday, February 26, 2011

national reading month read-a-long

how many of you can quote Goodnight Moon from memory? 

how about One Fish, Two Fish??

if you know me, (and if you don't, stick around, you'll soon find out) you already understand how important books are to ... well, life. especially mine. and sharing that with my kids (and seeing them grab ahold of that love and run with it) has been one of the greatest pleasures of mothering. so when i saw THIS POST from the lovely blog helping little hands, i was on board before i even finished reading. 
you can click over and read about it on their page, but basically, March is reading month (YIPPEE!!) and so, the wonderful Polly is hosting a little read-a-long book project. she will be posting a children's book each day, and often a fun activity to go along with it. how fun is that!? 
i'll let you know the schedule for the month, and when quiverfull will be featured, but i'm super excited, and i think it should be awesomepudding. :)
i'll probably do one each week here, so let me know if you have any requests!

'till then, read read read!

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