Monday, April 18, 2011

frustrations galore

Just a quick whiny post. 
Whiny, sleep-deprived and a little bit on-edge. 

This weekend/last 4 days has been INSANE with busyness. We've been up to things here at the ranch, and I have a lot to share... if only I hadn't, in the craziness of these days, inadvertently misplaced the camera chord... 
(ARRRRGGHHHH!!!!) a camera full of awesome, un-downloadable photos... not the greatest thing. 

so... as I'm stuck holding onto these posts till i can share them properly, here are some pretty things to look at:

## crocheted cobwebs.

## Feathers in glass bubbles. These are so very nice, I think. And I'm a little dazzled at how they manged to get them in there... 

## Check out the Tallest tree in the world... twice the Statue of Liberty!!

## Make this cute Yarn Circle Garland with Hands On: As We Grow

## If you don't know what the word  Mamihlapinatapai means... check it out here. I've determined to use it at least once this week. 

## I'm kind of in love with Mini Eco, a great little site with tons of easy, fun, kid friendly activities. You will not be disappointed. 

## And, finally, I give you THIS. Enjoy. 

Here's hoping the camera chord makes an appearance today... or things might get a little slow around here.

Frantic Searching and Fleet Foxes,


The Black Heart Revolution said...

How DO they get those feathers in there?? Great finds :) Thanks for the sweet words on my blog (x)- Enjoy your Fleet Foxes, they rock!

-Megan K.

Teddi said...

shawnacy fleet foxes indeed! waiting to download that album. luv the crochet cobwebs & feathers in glass. funny word i never heard define. hope ur tues is better go getter.