Friday, April 22, 2011

Something Pretty, Something Smart

Because every week should contain

Something Pretty,
Something Smart,
Something to do,
And a bit of art.

... and also one or two things just for fun.

Something Pretty

## I don't know if this counts as pretty, but it is pretty seriously awesome... and the rest of the stuff at LennyMud is fantastic too. 

I would totally roll out of bed and start 'pitying' every 'fo' who got in the way of me and this teapot. love. it. 

## Grey skies? no problem. keep a rainbow in your pocket. great idea from Masa-ka.

Something Smart

## Ever read those choose-your-own-adventure novels as a kid? They were my road-trip staple. Love this comic, philosopher's version from Luke Surl

## If you happen to be a physics geek, like me, or if you've ever read Flatland by Edwin Abbot, you will appreciate This Video from Tenth Dimension. If you hated physics and wouldn't touch Flatland with a 40 foot pole made of duct tape and pool cues... watch it anyway. it will change your mind. 

Something to do: 

## First.. go Here to Jackson Pollock [dot] org and fingerpaint  online. Seriously. GO. i'll wait.
ok. you know you feel better now. 

## Then look at these...

images found via a cup of jo

and go find some ugly thing you can make beautiful. 

A bit of art:

## Since we seem to be on the subject, I'm a huge fan of street art. HUGE (i blame it on a too-young-and-impressionable viewing of Basquiat). I may or may not have defaced certain pieces of public property in the name of art once or ... thrice. these are pretty rad.

pvc pipe! genius.

## and OH MY WORD, look at THESE insane sidewalk chalk images. 

and... one for the road...
Remember this - the hug me pillow -  it's still just about the creepiest thing i've ever seen.

why would anyone want to share a bed with half a man's upper torso?
it's a valid question. 

wonderful weekend wishes to you all. 
Graffiti and Ganglion, 


The Black Heart Revolution said...

Haha, the arm and half torso pillow is so funny. The weirdest part though, is the hand. Seriously?. Great and interesting finds you have here today!

-Megan K.

Teddi said...

so much 2 say bout this post 1) that contains my mr. t pic from sept. 2)1 of my 2 posts on basquiat. haven't seen that movie, but just saw "radiant child" about him on independent lense
3)exclaimed out loud bout street art & make sumthin pretty
4)saw cool chalk pix B4
5)1/2 pillow creepy definitely!

Sarah said...

Pocket rainbow?! YES, PLEASE.

The Jackson Pollack painting thing is probably going to be my new addiction now, by the way.

quiverfull said...

tedi, i told you we had a ton of things in common. :)

and sarah, i was pondering how i could make one of my own...