Thursday, April 7, 2011

Something Pretty, Something Smart

I've been mulling over a new catchy title for the friday finds post each week and came up with this little rhyme. because when you rhyme stuff, it's automatically more bouncy and delicious. True Story.  

And so, I give you 'Something Pretty, Something Smart.'

Because every week should include:

Something Pretty, 
Something Smart,
Something to do,
And a bit of Art.


I am slightly in love with this totally rad duvet cover by not on the high street i found via Meet Me at Mikes. How fun would this be for the kiddos?! Or for mom!! (also, it looks like something that wouldn't be too hard to make... hmm...)

Or hop over to The Curiosity Group to grab a FREE DOWNLOAD (!!) of this totally hip record player calendar!!! The record turns so that the cutout shows the date! So Clever! 

I have never been so bummed that my printer is on the fritz. But, they come out with a new FREE and super cute calendar every month, so be sure to check back often. Found via How About Orange.  

and I LOVE this  Daily Dot Chalkboard Wall Calendar from Simple Shapes. Maybe with this I could get the Teens to actually write things on the calendar...


I was introduced today to Storynory through the always helpful and informative Childhood 101. Much like ambling books which I have raved about in the past, Storynory is an incredible resource for audiobooks. Except these are really audio stories, and they're all for kids. (also, there's no need to download! Just click on a story and listen!) 
We're hooked! We listened to a few of the classic Brothers Grimm stories today, and are already on chapter 4 of The Wizard of Oz. Yay for Storynory! 

And if you're in need of academic trivia with which to amaze your friends and family, head over to the Mental Floss Amazing Fact Generator to learn things like: 

Wilbur and Orville weren’t the only Wright Brothers. They had two older brothers, Reuchlin and Lorin, plus a younger sister, Katharine.

To Do:

Make a Light Theatre  with Adventures at Home. This looks like such a sweet activity to do with (or without!) kids. Have them read a story (or write one of their own) and then craft the figures, and play it out! (be sure to have your oooh's and aaah's and 'wow!'s' down pat, as I'm sure you'll be needing all of them as a proper spectator). I am extra-infatuated by this idea, and can't wait for the right slow afternoon to make this happen. 

Reminds me a little of this scene (at 1:00 on the video below. you would not believe how long i looked for a still frame of that shot. to absolutely no avail... sheesh)  from A Series of Unfortunate Events

And here's another one to try: This DIY Shadow Puppet Theatre from Ohdeedoh

While you're enjoying the shadow-puppet fest, whip up a batch of These oh-my-soul amazing Toffee Apple Cakes. Recipe brought to you by one of my favorite blogs, Coco Rose Textiles. Don't these look ... dangerously divine?


wanna go play with the moon? join funny page net [dot] com in this series of super neat moon pictures.

... and just for fun:

how about these kid-themed 'keep calm and carry on' variations from Callaloo Soup.
my personal favorite:

But you might also like: 

... or any of the other bunch to be found at the store. And you can download the printables for just $4.65! 

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Kim said...

oh my word!! love it all! going to do the apple muffins. can't wait to follow your blog! thanks for stopping by, currently have the flu with five six kids husband gone. ;0 can you hear me screaming and writhing in pain??? oh then i will scream louder. btw we must talk gardening i am such a green horn i have no clue of what i am doing, but tomorrow i will send you a cool website.

Kim said...

sick kids, not six kids, oh my goodness I hope that wasn't a word from God, gazooks!! i can barely keep up with five.

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I am heading to Story Nory now ;) Thanks for that link.

I am visiting from UBP11 MOMtv party tonight. It is nice to "meet" you. You have a very nice blog.

Stop by my blog anytime. I love to have visitors and comments ;)

Long Wait For Isabella

quiverfull said...

kim, so sorry you've got the sickies over there. its hard with lots of kids. the germs just seem to get kicked around from one to the other. bleh.
and for some reason, your profile/site isn't showing up when i click your name... :(

Julia Deering said...

I left a comment this morning but it doesn't seem to have appeared. Sorry if it does later, and I'm repeating myself here: I just wanted to say thanks SO much for the link up. And that I love all these cool things you've chosen for your Friday Share.
I hope you get to do that shadow puppetry really soon.

Thanks for making my day!
Julia x

greenTXmom said...

WOW....I heart your glad you stopped by Staying Home and Staying Sane!
You have some amazingly creative ideas and tips....I am in love with that duvet cover and after submitting this comment I am heading straight back to that link. :)
I will definitely be coming back to visit.

quiverfull said...

my pleasure julia. you have terrific ideas!

thanks for the kind words, Sane One. :) i happen to be in the market for a duvet cover at the moment and am plotting how i can make one of my own... *plotplotplot.