Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Finds

Happy Friday (and happy foolish fun day, as well!) 

Sooo, I'm too excited to show you the finds for this week to engage in any lame small talk. Here goes:

I HAVE to share some of the gorgeous and fun creations of Tuckoo and Moo Cow!
Such as... the Killer Bunny Necklace!

And this adorable hedgehog... and SO MANY MORE! Seriously, check these out. I am completely smitten with every single one. 

or check out this lovely brooch from Kiamichi7

alright, enough jewels. 

Tale a moment to fall in love with Kusmi Teas. They are one of my favorite brands, organic and delicious. 

And pop over here to watch focused sunlight melt rock. For reals. 

Lastly, I love this idea for a vertical pallet garden from life on the balcony. I happen to have two perfect pallets in the backyard that would be perfect for this project. Expect to see this coming ... eventually. 

and now, we're off to go hiking (it's finally SUNNY!!!) and then home for an awesome April Fool's dinner! 
Have a great one, folks,


Mim Smith Faro said...

That BBC video was awesome! I really like the pallet garden too. I might have to try that.

quiverfull said...

i love the comment at the end of the video about how he can't wait to solder with sunshine... talk about awesome. and i'm pretty sure one of our pallets will be for strawberries... yum!