Friday, April 8, 2011

Grow; and, Evidently, I am a Surrealist Doodler

Squeezing this little post-io in this afternoon while the kids are locked in their rooms, screaming napping. 

Sarah over at Atlantic Atlantis has a fun little art challenge going on this month. And since I've recently discovered how much I miss drawing and doodling (more than those little flowers down the side of the page as I'm talking on the phone) I signed up super-quick. (not that i have time for this, you understand... the three blankets i have going are sitting in my knitting bag unattended. the dishes in my sink are piled high ((ok, well, that's just kind of normal...)) and i haven't gone to bed before 3am in a week. ... fine, i can't blame all of that ((or any of it really)) on this doodle, but i'll do it anyway. That's right. Livin' on the edge.) 

The project is called Grow, and basically you start with something small and 'grow' a picture around it. 

The challenge for this week was this: 

Start with a quarter-sized circle in the center of the page, and kind of work your way out from there.  Look how awesome hers turned out:

It's really amazing and detailed. and it's all one thing. Which makes me laugh really hard when I look at mine. 

It's ok, you can laugh too. It's bizarre. I started out with the pocket watch, and then - squeezing doodles in at odd moments of the day - kind of added a little at a time. I definitely didn't keep to one theme. or picture. or style. 
ah well. 
it was fun, and i'm excited for this week's challenge. 

Check out Sarah's post to see more about her drawing, and stay for the challenge. Pick up a pen and draw something wonky (or wonderful. or wonderfully wonky) today.

Love and Armadillos,


Sarah said...


Absolutely fantastic, every time I look at it I spot something new which is sooo cool! You should illustrate one of those I Spy books, haha.

I think it really is beautiful, thanks for playing along. ♥

ModernMom said...

I actually think it's fabulous!
So glad you stopped by my blog for the UBP and followed, following right back:)
Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

oh it is great!!! very surreal. makes me want to doodle too! anyway I love it and more importantly i bet it was fun! and btw, dishes piled up normally over here too.

quiverfull said...

ha. i'm pretty sure my bi-plane is backwards. and that i gave jupiter rings. and that there is an inexplicable ice cream sundae on top of one of the buildings...
but it was more fun than dishes! for that reason alone, i declare a win!

Teddi said...

Omg your drawing is beautiful, belonging as in illustration, to the book you are going to write.