Friday, April 15, 2011

Something Pretty, Something Smart

Because every week should contain:

Something Pretty,
Something Smart,
Something to Do,
And a Bit of Art.

... and also one or two things just for fun. 

So then, in no particular order, i give you:

Something Pretty:

## Download some Free Desktop Wallpapers from artist Willem Pirquin.
Choose from his selection of Alphabet Letters

or any of his other lovely designs.

## Get this Free Crochet Pattern for Dainty Little Doily Rings from All Free Crochet

Something Smart:

## For all you other bloggers out there, here's a great little post from Crafterminds about How to Use Stumble-Upon to boost business.

## Have you heard about Blarter? A genius idea from A Foothill Home Companion

## This Silly Comic has been making the rounds lately. It gets me every time. Yay for chemistry!!

Something to Do:

## How about making a little Moss Graffiti! This looks super awesome, and not-too-difficult.

I can think of a few dull-looking corners of the yard that could use a little graffiti sprucing-up.

## Aunt Peaches has a sweet tutorial up on how to make these amazing-looking Coffee filter flower baskets. These are beautiful!

A Bit of Art:

## Look at this amazing underwater sculpture installation

## Can you find the man in this picture?? Totally insane Invisible Man project. 

And Just for Fun:

## Annika saw this the other day and FLIPPED. As soon as I grab some Jelly Beans, we'll be all over this Jelly Bean Bracelet from My Kids Make

Happy Friday everyone.

Hornets and Hoola Hoops,


MyKidsMake said...

Thanks for linking the Jelly Bean Bracelet. How fun that your daughter jumped up and down when she saw these! I can relate. My kids were equally as excited to have their own jelly bracelets!

btw. the invisible man: insane!! I can't believe how good that is!!!

Sarah said...

The first time I saw the invisible man my mind was blown! I seriously could not find him in that tractor picture at first, so amazing.

I love that jelly bean bracelet - AWESOME.

petite hermine said...

Sounds like a good philosophy. Like your picks as well :) Your Mama's Manifesto post has been featured in my Sunday Linky this week! Check it out here :)