Thursday, March 31, 2011

april fools food ideas

So.... tomorrow is April fool's day. Another fun holiday to exploit here at the ranch. (Muahaha) 

I remember when i was about five or so, my mom helped me concoct this amazing plan (It was amazing to a 5 year old. Trust me.) to 'fool' my dad at dinner time. If you were born a million years ago, as i was, you'll probably remember this commercial for imperial butter:

It was the bee's knees to a kindergartner. So. I spent all day making my dad an awe-inspiring crown, and the BIG PLAN was to jump behind him and put it on his head when he buttered his roll. The joke went off without a hitch. And thus began my love of playing (harmless, fun - because the other kind are just mean) pranks. 

(This whole paragraph is going to be in parentheses because I think some of the things I am about to mention might qualify as being mean... also, because if I mention anyone's real name, something bad might happen to me tomorrow....  ahem. That being said, there's this delightful and sweet older lady at the church where I grew up who ((I only found this out later)) LOVES April Fool's Day. She goes FAR out of her way to prank people. And not just her family. Even people she only kind of knows. They NEVER suspect her. And she ((I am convinced)) sits at home and giggles to herself... perhaps while watching the pranks unfold on state-of-the-art surveillance equipment cleverly hidden in a china hutch. She has been known to deliver cookies baked with cups of cayenne pepper, to switch the sugar and salt dispensers at the table, to cellophane the toilet seats... the list is long and inventive. Her husband long ago discovered 'urgent business' that always seemed to take him away from home on the first of April. Needless to say, she is a dear friend and true inspiration. :) 

so, if you're thinking that pranks are dumb and immature... well, you're right. But done in the right spirit, they can also be Super FUN! And one of many ways to spice up your family's day-to-day. Here are some great April Fool's Recipes to try out.

april fool's dirt salad from The Polka-Dot Umbrella.

Kibble Candy (can you imagine your kid's faces when you serve them some of this for snack?!)

and THIS POST from Family Fun has SO MANY ideas for Food-pranks. Such as: 

Whatever you do, don't let tomorrow go by un-funned. Be silly with your kids, and don't forget to act surprised (you might want to practice your AHH! face in the mirror tonight) when the little ones spring a prank or two on you! 

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