Friday, March 11, 2011

30 days of books - books to rip your heart out.. but... nicely.

three picks for today. (look forward to a crafting post tomorrow!) 
because i was in a mood to have my heart torn to tatters today, i've chosen books guaranteed to wring that blood-pumping organ from your chest... in the most winning ways, of course. 

and so, with no ado whatsoever:
for kids, today's read is The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams. 

i dare you to read this to your precious little one without getting just a little choked-up. in general, i'm not fond of the word 'poignant', but this book is that. in the best sense of the word. 


for middle-sized kids (well... middle sized girls, probably) Little Women

i think i read this book 6 times at least during my junior high and high school years. Louisa May Alcott's thinly disguised autobiography will be sure to have your sighing and smiling along with Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. 


and for us grown-ups, if you've never read Love in time of Cholera, by one of my favorite authors of all time (i know i know), Gabriel Garcia Marquez... all i can say is, dude. get thee to a library. 

i remember being absolutely struck dumb (which doesn't often happen) the first time i read this book. the language, the absolute bleeding heart of love that you'll find on the pages of this book will captivate and completely hold you in its marvelous spell. 
my summation - this is how a man ought to love. 


petite hermine said...

Thanks for stopping by! I loved reading Little Women when I was younger. I definitely need to read Love in the Time of Cholera, but I've got so many books I've been wanting to read! :) Join my linky party on Sunday!

quiverfull said...

i know about having a looooooong reading list. but put cholera on it... it's worth it, even if it takes a while to get there. :)
and i'll definitely link up on sunday. thanks!