Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 days of lists- day three

prompt for today: Things I'm Looking Forward To.

i'm a big forward-looker in general; goal oriented and looking toward the horizon. the problem comes when i forget to watch the path i'm on at the moment as well. 

i have a lot of long-term goals, and i think right now, i have a clearer vision of where i'm going and how to get there than i have in a long, long time. which is a nice feeling. 

now, if i can just manage to keep plodding on, day to day, and to keep the enthusiasm percolating. (and the coffee... enthusiasm and coffee. yes.)

and so... the list:

sorry for the poor picture quality. it's done in pencil, and didn't photograph well.

it says, 
I'm Looking Forward To:
*spring & planting a garden
*getting over this cold
*going back to school (yay!!)
*finishing school ;)
*publishing these books (three, currently in the editing process...)
*watching my kids be amazing
*being 73 ('cause maybe i'll be able to take a break then)
*Every. Single. Day. 

and in the little box:
*finishing projects
*breakfast! (i was hungry when i made this)
*getting to know all of you!

so what's on your horizon?

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