Saturday, March 26, 2011

friday finds - on saturday

yesterday was max's birthday. 8 big ones. 

{here he is with his sword and a homemade shield. he can usually be found wielding either a weapon, some sports equipment, or food. :) }

march is a big birthday month for us. 
we had his first slumber party last night. ... and we're all still here. and generally happy. so, i'd say it was a success!

pics will come soon. 

but that's my excuse for not having the friday finds up yesterday. ... 

so, it's a quick look at cool stuff, and then i'm off to enjoy the weekend - or at least the next few hours until the snow flies again. ugh. 

** so check out this super-rad library desk made of books! i love it! look at the way they layered the colors too... sooo cool. 

** for all you scrapbookers out there (i can't seem to find the time... sadly) here's a FREE organizational workshop for you. 

** if you're a travel nut like me (whether you ACTUALLY travel or not) here's a gorgeous video of iceland that will make you want to book your flight to Reykjavik today. (the music - Sigur Ros ((who is from iceland)) is breathtaking. i love his stuff)

** i have a wall that i want to give a kind of cluttered-gallery look to. (<-- grammar police!!) these walls have the look down. such pretty inspiration!

** we all know it's a 'heard of cattle' and a 'colony of ants' but what do you call a group of badgers? or jellyfish? check out this killer list of collective nouns for a giggle. (ps. betcha didn't know a group of cats is called a 'chowder'... gross.)

** i love this idea for stringed letters from lilla a. can't wait to do these with the kids!

wouldn't they look so cute hanging in their rooms? or as a mobile? or spell out a whole word and string it as a garland in the window?? ... so many ideas!

** here's a tutorial for a really cute ruffly skirt that looks easy enough for even me to attempt. great for spring!

have a great weekend, everyone!
go out and find a bit of spring. 
- shawnacy


Mim Smith Faro said...

Great links! I love the collective nouns. A murder of crows is one of my favorites. I also know a clew of worms and that's not on the list.

quiverfull said...

clew of worms?! awesome. although, if you're a religious history buff, you'd appreciate it being a "Diet of Worms", instead. :)