Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 days of lists - day one

day one's prompt from the 30 days of lists project was pretty simple: A few things about yourself.

sounds pretty easy... unless you're a chronic over-thinker like i am.

i tend to get way overwhelmed thinking i have to be everything. and to be exactly like the people i admire. and of course we know that's silly and we should all just 'be ourselves' and not feel pressured by the awesomeness of others... but that's easier stitched on a pillow than done. 
and a while ago i made a list (it was considerably longer than this one) of all the things that i am. and determined not to apologize for any of them. not even the ones that contradicted each other (ex: a slob, and a neat freak). 
it was kind of a hard wall to push through, admitting to myself that i can't make everyone happy all the time. but i think it's important to follow what is true, regardless of how you are labeled for it, or whether or not it fits into some acceptable lifestyle mold. 

i know that was all vague and unspecific, and maybe i'll get into the details at some point, but i feel like i've rambled enough for one day, and i'd like to keep this semi brief. 

so... here's my edited-down, fits-on-one-quarter-sheet-of-paper list:

what about you? what things define you?

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