Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 days of books - comfort soul food

i know i missed yesterday's book recommendations. apologies. it was a pretty exhausting day. 
but we're back in business today, and in the mood for some comfort food... for the soul, that is. 

so here are three cozy picks today, from me to you.

first, for the little ones - A. A. Milne's The House at Pooh Corner.

small confession: i would read this book even if i didn't have children. Milne creates a world that is stirringly warm, full of the fall of innocent sunlight on a woodsy path, and the feeling that all of the most beautiful things are possible. 

pick up a copy and join pooh in finding a house for the gloomy eyeore, meeting the redoubtable tigger, and in a friendly and timeless game of poohsticks. 

middle-sized kids will love the story of The Little Prince, by french author, antoine de saint-exupery.

i can hardly believe i only read this for the first time last year. this book is so lovely, in every sense of the word, and i promise you - if you're anything like i am - you'll hug it to your chest when you're finished. 

it's from this book that we get the famous quote, 

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

 and if you're wondering if there is an unbelievably awesome skirt you can make, inspired by this fabulous book... look no further. No Big Dill's Once Upon a Thread project has done it again. Kathleen of Grosgrain has come up with something absolutely crazy. honestly. this may be the coolest skirt i have ever seen. 
check it out, Here.  and for a sneak peek:

that's right. it's a chalkboard skirt. take a moment. 

ok. and for the big kids (aka us grown-ups), one of my favorite books to curl up with for a good read, and a lot of laughs is William Goldman's epic fairytale, The Princess Bride

yep, it was a book first. and even if you already know the story, (or... at least you think you do), you will ADORE Goldman's way of telling it. first of all, he makes you believe that he is simply editing a 'good-parts only' version of a classic book written by S. Morgenstern. he makes frequent references to the Morgenstern estate, (in his elaborate, and hilarious sequence of parenthetical asides), and - till you decide to google it - has you believing him. 
it's the story you love, with a narrator you'll love even more. 
grab a mug of something warm, and a snuggly blanket, and crack open this trove of intrigue, skullduggery, swashbuckling spaniards, giants, farm boys, megalomaniacal princes, and miracles.


Laura (Curry Kay Designs) said...

I love those first two books! I read them now as an adult too! But even better than The House at Pooh's Corner (in my opinion) are the poems of "Now We Are Six".

(PS: I found your blog from the blog list of the 30 Days of Lists flickr group.)

quiverfull said...

yes! i love 'now we are six' too, naturally. it was a close call between the two, but i'm doing kids poetry another day, so i thought i'd stick with the narratives this time.
so glad you clicked over! (i'm on my way to your blog ... now. :)