Sunday, March 6, 2011

least favorite words

todays list prompt is: Least favorite words.

as a wordsmith, i have tons of words that i love (like, haberdashery, ire, and olivine...) and a smaller number of words that i am not so jazzed about. here are a few:

this list was somewhat less fun to make than others. sad to think of all the words that people use to tear down. not that i don't agree that there is a place for these words - mark twain threw that n-word in our faces with huckleberry finn, and made people ashamed to use it - but in general, i think a lot of words of the four-letter and slur variety are cowardly and used self-consciously, as a way to draw attention or gain approval. 

let our words be 'alway with grace' and truth. 


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