Saturday, March 12, 2011

little poem

i've been working on a written piece in honor of the many recent worldwide disasters. i mentioned (or... blabbered on) in an earlier post how the events in japan and new zeland, though half a world away, had felt really really real to me. they still do. i seem to carry it with me like an umbrella, hovering over, shading everything i  do lately... 
and so, because writing is the best way i have of processing things, and, i suppose, because it is in me to do so, i'm writing a little something. it's not done yet, but i think the final stanza is. 

so. in the name of sharing, and opening up wide, below are some powerful images and a small shard of what my heart is feeling for the world.

Remarkable, is it not, 
how we may mourn
Unbeknownst to ourselves
Each light’s small and infinite death. 

- shawnacy


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