Thursday, March 17, 2011

Faith n' Begorah!

happy St. Pat's!!

ive been at school all morning with the kiddos participating in various festivities in honor of the day. but wanted to pop in and wish you all many happy returns of the day. (a phrase which has gone sadly out of fashion, IMHO)

also, to share a fun St. Pat's kitchen craft we did last night. 
Rainbow Shamrock Cookies!

Annika wanted to have something to hand out to her teachers and friends at school, so we put together these fun little treats. 

Just a basic sugar cookie recipe.
which always begins with a sporty little apron. (these poses she does... sheesh)

anni loves it when she gets to do the mixer. 

so does owen.

measuring and pouring.

licking the beaters :)

rolling out the dough

using the cookie cutter

and then putting on the green sugar, and rainbow of M&M's. Note: for next time, the pretzel M&M's don't come in yellow... weird. 

they were a hit at preschool today!

not bad for a 4 year old! wish we could share some with you, but here's hoping that there is something equally colorful and tasty in your future. 

and for the road, a rockin' bluesy rendition of an old Gaelic melody by the incredible Rhiannon of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. i can't believe how fast she goes at the end!

bagpipes and leprechauns, 

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

Your cookies look great! I love the M&Ms.