Friday, March 25, 2011

30 days of books - Treasure Hunt Party

my baby girl turned two last week. 
it's a common thing that it doesn't seem possible. but common or not... it doesn't seem possible. 

isn't that the way of things. 

so before we go into the book. and the party. and all the fun.. here's a thing or two about the kid. she's pretty terrific. 

she loves to color and read books (especially my books. the big ones with no pictures) and sing the abc's. whenever she sees me writing something she points to it and says 'ay, ee, ay, ah, oh.' 

she can do 'head, shoulders, knees, and toes' as well as 'ring around the rosie' like a pro. plus, she has the longest, prettiest eyelashes EVER.

she plays music on her toy piano with intense consentration, then looks at me and asks , 'like it?' she's great at taking turns, and she cracks herself up playing peek-a-boo.

she's great at helping me clean up, dancing with her brothers, riding her rocking horse; and she loves, loves, LOVES tangerines.

ok. 'nuff mom-gushing. 

so we had a little (emphasis on little - just two friends) party, and used the Klutz, Treasure Hunt Book  as inspiration. 

the book is awesome. it has pages of punch-out cards, for different treasure-hunt variations. there are SO MANY different ones to do!! 

some are geared for younger kids, (like the ones we used at the party) and use pictures or colors (the color-themed hunt is a great way to teach colors. kind of like eye-spy), and others are more complex. some use clues, others have different types of code, and my kids (all of them!) love playing detective and and finding all the clues. normally, the prize is a snack, but as this was a birthday treasure hunt, the prize was the presents for Naomi and the goodies for the guests. 

here are some of the photos i managed to take as they were all jumping and running around the house looking for clues. 

this one was on the clock.

figuring out where to go next.

find the hairbrush! find the hairbrush!

consulting with her peers.

Naomi's best buddy. this was his first treasure hunt. he handled it expertly. 

we did it! we found the TREASURE!!!! 

the prizes were opened, and another round of hunting began. this time the treasure was ...


there were balloons, 

and car races

and general silliness

and then it was nap time and everyone went home.
so Naomi thought it would be a great opportunity to 
crawl up on the table...

... eat a pickle...

... and sack out. 

all in all, a simple, fun, manageable day for everyone. 

it may have something to do with having to cover 7 birthdays every year, but low-key parties always seem the most fun to me. fewer kids, neat decorations, an engaging activity or craft... and cake, of course. 

what do you think? does a birthday party need to be a huge blow-out to count?

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Cathy James said...

What joyful pictures! We always have at-home, traditional type parties. I only have two girls and I always say we can invite as many guests as we have chairs around the kitchen table! I think small is more personal and fun. Lovely to see you at the Play Academy.