Friday, March 4, 2011

book fun

it's friday!!
seems like this week has FLOWN by, and like i've been trying to juggle 45 things at once, and doing a shabby job of it... bleh. 
i'm excited for the recommendations for today. 
first up, for the little ones, is the timeless classic by Crockett Johnson, Harold and the Purple Crayon.

harold, who enjoys having long, rambling adventures when he ought to be tucked up in bed sleeping, has a wondrous purple crayon with which he is able to draw whatever he imagines, and it comes to life! very sweet and fun. Polly from Helping Little Hands, did a great Harold activity with her kids this week. click over to check it out. 

you are not going to believe this amazing harold and the purple crayon JACKET! by no big dill.

so creative! 

Katy from No Big Dill  has a little project going called Once Upon a Thread, and she has asked some awe-inspiring women to take part.

 THIS Love you Forever skirt!! (remember march 1st's recommendation!?) is by Christy of A Lemon Squeezy Home

i'm in awe. and i wish i didn't stink quite so much at sewing. 

and THIS ONE  - ahhh!!! they just keep pumping out amazing things! - from elsie marley, also via no big dill.

it's based on the book The Dot, by peter reynolds.

click on over to once upon a thread to see these and more amazing book-inspired kids clothes. 

to continue our theme of magic, the middle sized kids' book of the day is, Half Magic, by Edward Eager

On a boring summer day, Jane and her siblings find a coin on the street. What they soon find out is that the coin can grant wishes... but only HALF a wish... meaning, of course, that you have to wish for TWICE what you want. the complicated, and silly, and sometimes dangerous results make for great read-together fun. 

and, a magical book for us grown-ups? YES!!! Carter Beats the Devil by Glen Gold is a perfect weekend read.

It's funny and smart, and will keep you glued to your seat as the magic unfolds. Starring Carter the Great, a young illusionist whose skills exceed those of the great Houdini, Houdini himself, Carter's rival, Mysterioso, Anabelle, Carter's beautiful assistant who is tough as nails, Borax Smith, the richest man alive, Captain Tulang, an Indonesian pirate, A few secret service agents, and... President Warren G. Harding. 

... i dare say no more. 

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Anonymous said...

I loved Harold and his Purple Crayon!!!
You know that E. Carle and S. Boynton never get boring! Thanks for telling everyone!