Monday, March 21, 2011

30 days of lists - weekly round up

this week has been INSANELY busy, 
so the lists are significantly lacking in cuteness... but i'll push my perfectionism and whatnot to the side today and post them anyway.

prompt: Things I Love About ___________.
so... since i go barefoot 94% of the time, i chose ten things i love about going barefoot. :)

Prompt: Shopping list.
But my shopping list is LOOOOOONG and frightfully dull... so this is a list of thing you can do at the grocery store to spice up your trip.

Prompt: DUYs i'd like to try. 
i have sooooo many. here are a few of the top's. 

(sorry, told you these were lame-looking. hopefully next week's will be a little more fun to look at.)

Prompt: Recipes i'd like to try
again... sooooo many. but this year we're doing a fun little project where we try foods from a different country every month. these are the types we have left:

Last Prompt: Celebrity Crushes. 

check out the Flickr Photo Stream to see how everyone else filled out their lists. Better yet, join up and make some of your own!

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