Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reading month continues - the little red hen and a boy with a tiger

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Reading Month Continues

happy saturday everyone! hope you've been able to spend time with great people doing awesome things, and eating amazing food. :)

as good (or dull) as your weekend may be, it can only be improved by reading a book with someone! (seriously. this is true.)

so, for the books of the day: for the little ones, today's pick is the timely classic, The Little Red Hen.

we all know the story of the poor, overworked mother hen whose friends don't feel like helping, but sure feel like eating... (*cough*mykids*cough*) and we thought of a fun activity to go along with it, would be to go through all the steps it takes to make food. 

so first, we went shopping, and chose all the best ingredients

then we set to work in the kitchen. (i may be the only mother of little girls in america who doesn't own a play kitchen, so we made our stove and sink out of some spare cardboard boxes. yay for boxes!) 

 and then we ventured into the real kitchen to let them try their hand at snack-making. 

annika thinks peanut butter crackers are the yummiest!

the finished product:

and Naomi's final product. :) 

and then, we cleaned up. 
washed the dishes,

and tidied up the kitchen!

a fun activity to reinforce the ideas in the book, that we all have to pitch in and help out. 


and for the middle-sized kids, and adults (this book works for everyone!) today's pick is Life of Pi by the amazing Canadian author, Yann Martel.

this is an amazing and beautiful book. it won Martel the Mann-Booker Prize and the tagline runs "this book will make you believe in God." 
an amazing story about a boy trapped on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with an enormous tiger, this is one of my all time favorites, and one you won't want to miss. 

don't forget to click over to Helping Little Hands Read-Along Project to see what everyone else is reading!

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Maureen said...

We just finished the Little Red Hen and had lots of fun making bread and retelling the story. I made story stones for the children to play with. They would be easy for you and your children to make.
We will continue on this week with the newer version of The Little Red Hen makes a Pizza

quiverfull said...

thanks so much for leaving a comment! i checked out the story stones and they are such a cute idea. we live in the mountains and have an excess of rocks (as well as kids who like nothing more than to collect rocks).
we're making pizza soon for another project. i'll have to remind them of the little red hen. :)